I’m on a mission to explore beautiful destinations, do good deeds, and meet interesting people across the globe.

So far, I've travelled to more than 20 countries. 

Maybe I've been to your country? 

My list so far includes... Portugal, Bahrain, Tahiti, the USA, England, Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the UAE, Thailand, China, Singapore, Brunei, Switzerland, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Canada, New Zealand, Oman, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, the Philippians... and counting!

I create content for fun. My objective is to meet people as we travel, and also to stay in touch with friends and family who are far away. Here's my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN4QAEZDtR0tYtRRHw71oag

From YouTube to Amazon to travelfunmusic.com , you'll find that I share a wide variety of projects, travel experiences and expertise through my socials and sites. I love teaming up with others, and especially love collaborating with handsome Charlie.

Whether you’re new to travel and remote work, or a seasoned digital nomad, be sure to check out my content. It’s full of advice, hacks, and adventures to help and inspire you for your next trip or project. 

Life is short. Let's be brave and enjoy it while we can!

xox Penelope

P.S. Please say hello! Since the pandemic, we've all started to appreciate how important it is to feel connected. What are you up to? What are your dreams and goals? I'd love to hear from you!

Penelope cycling the EuroVelo 15