Women in Cycling Digital Launch

Today, I attended the launch of Women in Cycling.

It was an inspiring opportunity to hear from expert speakers. There were opportunities to respond to polls and ask questions throughout the event. Plus, the networking session at the end connected attendees with other professionals in the sector.

There were more than 1000 registered participants from all over the world. The break-out rooms totally overloaded the event's Zoom set up! It was a great problem to have.

About Women in Cycling

Women in Cycling is a new initiative launched together by:
It aims to help women get more visibility, impact and leading seats in the cycling industry and wider sector.

The initiative is also working to provide networking, mentoring, and training opportunities. 

Key objectives include:
  • Create an empowering platform for women from all parts of the sector with opportunities to network, exchange views and experiences, and collaborate on projects and initiatives that help achieve our vision.
  • Encourage organisations in the sector to adopt targets and policies that improve diversity and gender balance and increase the representation of women in leadership roles.
  • Campaign for no more all male panels at cycling sector events.
  • Ensure the diverse experiences of women are taken into account and represented in decision making bodies, projects and processes that affect the sector

Ways to get involved

The session was great. Here are the top two actions I recommend:
  1. Join the Women in Cycling group on LinkedIn.
  2. Sign up to the Women in Cycling Expertise Portal with the Cycling Industries Group
I look forward to supporting the initiative and its memebers as it moves forward.

xox Penelope

woman standing beside a bicycle