Armona Island, Portugal | Holiday Travel Video 2021

Have you ever felt like running away to an island paradise, where there's no cars and no stress? 🏝️ I took the ferry from Olhão ⛴️ to visit Ilha de Armona (Armona Island) in Portugal to show you what it's like! 

People from Portugal seek out Armona Island property for sale, restaurants, holiday rentals, and accommodation. 😎 But few tourists know about this little gem!

You'll see what I found in my little Armona Island holiday video and in the free Armona Island travel guide I've written for you. 📝

You're about to watch a tourist video that features clear water, a kind old doggo, boats, cute little homes, and lots of bicycles! I hope you enjoy it. 💌 Prepare to slow right down, just breathe and relax with me. 🧘‍♂️ 

I'm still on the move... filming, writing, and discovering new music as I go!

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xox Penelope

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