Capricorn Coast, Australia | Travel Vlog 2021

Would you like to swim beside the Great Barrier Reef in Australia? Come have a look at the Capricorn Coast with me! 🏄 You'll see the Capricorn Coast including top sights in Yeppoon, Rosslyn Bay and Emu Park. 🏝️ Come grab a coffee, relax at the beach, explore a beautiful Marina and hike to a lookout to enjoy views of the islands of the Southern Great Barrier Reef.  

Yeppoon is home to great accommodation and real estate, plus lake surfing (Surf Lakes) and top sights like the Yeppoon Lagoon. 😎 But this place isn't known to many tourists!

This video will give you a quick taste of where I lived for over 7 years 📹 You'll find full lists of tourist attractions and detailed visitor information in the free Yeppoon travel guide and Emu Park Holiday Guide pages I've written for you. 📝 

You're about to watch a tourist video that celebrates a beautiful community spirit, coastal views, and national parks. I hope you enjoy it. 💌 Prepare to slow right down, watch for doggos and enjoy the Capricorn Coast with me. 🧘‍♂️ 

I'm still on the move... filming, writing, and discovering new music as I go!

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xox Penelope

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