Horses Swimming! | Australia 2021 Travel Vlog

Combining horses swimming with holiday travel is the dream, right?! 🐎

Come watch my friend Karan make the dream come true during my vacation time in Australia! 🐬🐴🐠 

Join us on this adventure as we go swimming with horses at the beach in the town of Emu Park, near the Great Barrier Reef. When you travel to Australia, this area is one of the best places in Australia to visit! Get out and enjoy sunny Australia weather. 🐡 🐎🐟🌊☀️🍍🐬

😍 Prepare yourself for some serious 'awww so adorable' moments! 🥰

I hope this gives you great inspiration for when you visit Australia. Wild horses and people riding horses at the beach are great things to see in Australia. I've prepared a free Emu Park Travel Guide for you, if you're interested in this cool coastal town.

I know it's hard to get in right now. But when you visit, would you like to see something like this?

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xox Penelope

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