Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina | Holiday Travel Video 2021

You'll hear my Mother's worried voice at the start of this video!!! 😆 This travel vlog answers the questions: "Is Sarajevo safe to visit? Is Sarajevo worth visiting?" 🛩️ I took a trip to visit Sarajevo for a holiday and found out! 

You'll see what I found in this Sarajevo holiday video and in the free Sarajevo travel guide I've written for you. 📝

You're about to watch a tourist video that's a little bit strange, but I hope you enjoy it. 💌 Look beyond the Sarajevo war! Bosnia and Herzegovina is a really quirky and interesting destination. I recorded Sarajevo live as I explored the landscape, and I'm super keen 🤩 to show you this surprising city in The Balkans! 

I'm still in Portugal now. The plan from here includes France and Italy, before maybe going hiking in Turkey with Charles... filming, writing, and discovering new music as I go!

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xox Penelope

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